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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. a major step to creating a new home for the forty-niners.
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a ground-breaking ceremony happens for a football stadium in santa clara. but as ann mackovic shows us, construction work is already well underway. >> the actual ceremony has not happened, but gramm has technically been broken at the site of the new forty-niners stadium in santa clara. construction has been going on for weeks. and this is what it should look like by the start of the football season 2014. it $1.2 billion landmark for silicon valley. >> it is so exciting for me to see this. >> she was the spokesperson for the " yes on measure j " campaign that allowed the city to go forward with the stadium plan. now she is the vice mayor of santa clara. >> we will start to see the structure developed after we break ground today, and the more develops and the closer we get to 2014 i think the excitement is just going to build and build. >> also excited about a 1.8 5 million square foot facility are local hotels, because of the almost 69,000 potential
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customers they will be able to see to. >> we're thrilled to be able to host the forty-niners and we're looking forward to a potential superbowl and world cup and all the other ancillary businesses that will join on to the great events. >> of course there's plenty of opposition to the stadium over the past six years and the group " santa clara plays fair " is not giving up. >> it is still a right to appeal, they may be putting shovels in the ground but they could be digging their own graves. >> while it is about money and politics, it is all about the game. >> there's a bike path and you can ride your bicycle to the game. that would be awesome. we will go out there and watch them build it. i can't believe it. >> the ground-breaking ceremony festivities begin at 5:00. >> a superior court judge has denied ross mirkarimi request to remove city attorney denis
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ferrara from the suspension proceedings against him. the judge rejected his argument that he has a conflict of interest in the case. another hearing will be held tomorrow on his request for a ruling on whether the city can actually remove him from office. a new water search is going on today in the south bay as authorities on for clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar of morgan hill. in the meantime computer security experts are looking into backing of the missing teenagers twitter accounts. investigators say that packing began shortly after she vanished last month. just yesterday someone posted a message that contains vulgar lyrics. class's at oikos university are set to resume monday. three weeks after the massacre on the open campus. most classes will be held in the same building but sessions for nursing students will likely be held elsewhere, to minimize further trauma. some students say they will not return at all. this 400 suspect charts with killing six students and a
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receptionist. a father pushing a stroller was shot and killed in oakland. police say someone got out of a car yesterday and shot the man and then got back in the car and sped away. the victim had no identification on him and so far we don't know if he lived in the neighborhood. the one-year-old girl in the stroller was not hurt. some students playing hooky at berkeley high school appeared to have a perfect attendance records. school officials have uncovered an apparent scam that had students paying to get tardy and add some reports removed from their records. >> wouli would rather not comment but we think that 50 kids have been discussed right now. as of today we have suspended 32 kids. >> the irregularities were first detected back in december but it took months to discover that the passwords were being sold. the police chief at uc-davis says that she is retiring in the wake of a police pepper spray incident. the chief has been on paid leave since a campus police officer
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sprayed occupied protesters back in november. she tells the sacramento bee that she does not want the incident to define her or the university. a bizarre burst of violence during a basketball game in a word. take a look amateur video of a league championship game sunday between the oakland rebels and oakland soldiers. the video appears to show and the ball leaving off the bench, then taking a swing at a 16 year-old rebels player. >> he came around, and i as i saw the punch come, i tried to miss the punch but it was too late and he got me on my neck and lower jaw. >> he says that he is recovering. the rebels coach believes the man that threw the punch left before police arrived. police in the oakland soldiers officials were unavailable for comment. government agencies would have to get a court order before shutting down cellular networks under a new state bill. the bill proposed by the state
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senator is a direct response to what happened in san fransisco last august. bart blocks cellphone service during a protest against a fatal shooting by bart police officer. the chronicle reports the fcc is considering federal rules on the issue. a bart worker in trouble for giving away $300 worth of tickets the chronicle reports that the station agency gave a needy teenager unused tickets left behind by commuters. those tickets are usually thrown away. the boy commutes from hercules to san francisco for school. he could be forced into early retirement for breaking those rules. stanley cup playoffs, a crucial game for the sharks this evening in downtown san jose. the single was blues lead the opening round best of seven series two games/1. game four begins at 730 at h-p pavilion. cisco giants closer brian wilson is undergoing tommy john surgery today and that means he is out for the season. the beard has a partial tear in
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his right elbow. wilson had the same surgery back in 2003 and the team hopes that he can be ready to go next year. for get scandals and wars, the one issue that could decide the presidential election. and back in the spotlight, the second job picked up by lt. gov. gavin newsom. >> the secret service agents fired in the prostitution scandal, friends to sue. i am danielle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> some amazing video from brazil. take a look at this car that
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flew over the second story of a home. the 24 year-old driver suffered only minor injuries and was rescued from a car that was wedged into the side of the building. police plan to charge him with driving without a license, luckily family that lives inside of that home was not hurt. the secret service has begun cleaning house in response to the prostitution scandal that has now rocked the agency. three unnamed agents had been forced out but as danielle nottingham reports, top lawmakers say that moorhead's need to roll. >> three secret service agents allegedly involved in the colombian prostitution scandal are out. one supervisor was fired and another supervisor was forced to retire and a third agent resigned but cbs news has learned the supervisor that was fired is threatening to sue. eight additional agents remain on administrative leave. all accused of hiring prostitutes or engaging in questionable behavior in advance
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of the president's trip to columbia last week. >> heads have to roll. >> lawmakers and more needs to be done. they have been grilling agency officials and congressional hearings are planned for next week. >> if people are not fired in this town, nothing changes. >> the obama administration has expressed confidence in the secret service and its current director. separate investigations are underway here in washington and in colombia. the former secret service director believes a swift investigation would help the agency recover but says that it must be fair. >> you have to let no stone unturned, to make sure that you get to the truth of what happens down there. before you can really take the actions that unnecessary to take. >> the scandal erupted last week when a colombian prostitutes accused a secret service agents of refusing to pay his full bill and called police.
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u.s. investigators are in colombia interviewing possible witnesses. >> the scandal also involved 10 military personnel and as many as 20 women. prostitution is legal in colombia. let's take a look at the big board right now, you can see that the dow is down about 100 points right now. investors are weighing the strong corporate earnings against a discipline report on the job market. morgan stanley and bank of america and southwest airlines are among the companies out with better than expected profit reports. but those stellar reports are being overshadowed by news figures that suggests companies are hiring at a slower pace. the labor department says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits fell less than expected last week. applications for jobless claims have inched higher in recent weeks after months of steady declines. a new cbs news, new york times poll, shows just how heavy the
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economy is winning on americans. 70 percent of those polled say the economy is in bad shape but that is actually down from the past four years. 39 percent say that they have fallen behind financially and 64 percent are worried about how it will be able to pay their housing costs. 38% say that higher gas prices have been a serious economic hardship. it looks like the lieutenant governor has a new second job. gavin newsom has been hired to post a new cable television talk show called the gavin newsom show and it will be a weekly hourlong program on current tv. the cable channel was founded by former vice president al gore. his show is expected to produce nationally in may. apple outrage, why angry parents are suing the technology company over their applications for kids. and its final mission, how the shuttle discovery is settling into its new digs. >> is a gorgeous spring day all across the bay area. we are in the middle of a,,,,,,,
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>> the space shuttle discovery has arrived in virginia where it will go on display at the smithsonian air and space museum annex. a welcome ceremony drew thousands of visitors. among the honored guests were john glenn, former astronaut. discovery will be displayed as
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if it just landed. there will be an interactive display to give visitors a look inside of the shuttle. a pretty cool visit there to see the shuttle in person. >> absolutely. >> i have seen a shuttle once before. they are amazing. what else is amazing is this weather. >> i know it will be amazing weather through the weekend .. not expecting to break some records but we are going to see a 80 soroptimist several days. the bay area in the middle of a warming trend. we are already selling into the '70s in some spots and will continue to get warmer throughout the afternoon. concord coming in at 74 and it looks like 63 degrees right now in san francisco. seeing a lot blue skies out the door right now. you're on your letterhead lines. areas of pettifog along the coast but for tonight clear inland with lingering coast fog and then even warmer tomorrow and even warmer still. we will reach the peak by saturday just in time for the weekend. satellite and radar, this low
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pressure system is staying north of the bay area. no rain for the next several days and instead we have a bridge building and a warming trend. high-pressure sticking around for awhile. so your forecast for later on today, widespread seventies in the south bay and upper seventies in morgan hill and campbell and san jose. 77 degrees. these are in the east bay. low '80s in pittsburgh, antioch, walnut creek cavincoming in at 0 degrees. cooler on the coast with mid to low 60s in bodega bay. stinson beach and across the bay. 70 in places like berkeley and 68 in alameda. here's your forecast over the next several days. sunny skies for today for tomorrow. temperatures friday and saturday, warming into the upper eighties. these temperatures are actually about five to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. feeling a little like someone outside and then slightly cooler sunday and monday we have it dramatic difference in
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temperatures meaning much cooler for the start of the coming work week. we know that some people may be hitting the slopes. so your snow report. kirkwood has no new snow and partly cloudy skies expected there. 18 lifts open to the public. again is no base of 24 to 96 in.. and once again, sugar bowl has six lifts open if you're interested in doing some springtime skiing with partly sunny skies expected for the weekend. >> how can we think about snow when it is 80 degrees outside? >> i know, it is a little bit of something for everyone. >> get the sunglasses out. thank you so much. bart is holding an ecology festival and offering an incentive to attend. handing out free tickets to people that check out the blue sky festival in san fransisco. the event goes until 2:00 p.m. just fill out a passport with stems from vendors at justin herman plaza and dugan's flopped out for a free ticket. a group of parents filing a class action lawsuit against
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apple. they say the company lowers children with addictive and expense of games. the games can often be downloaded for free but kids can wrap up those big bills of purchasing extra levels and items. for example this game sells for $59. a judge in san jose says the lawsuit can move forward. he states teenagers having a way to express stress in their lives thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. kate kelly shows us that she is an english teacher who found the same thing helped her out in high school. >> on the edge of silence ... you can hear their whispers ... these are the spirits of our ancestors. >> their homes about life. paint. poverty. and personal truth. >> you know nothing about living without a place to eat, ... >> growing up in richmond this 22 year-old had few ways to
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express what he was going through until english teacher molly rainer suggested that he tried poetry. >> when we talk about spoken word poetry, performance poetry, different kinds of poetry. there are two components to it. the riding needs to be strong but the performance is in part also. >> it is another way of getting out what every it is that is pent-up. >> don there was malia first student five years ago. today he helps teach and run her program called " rock talent " which stands for richmond's artist right. >> increase supplies were not only mall is as the spoken word poetry change her life and high school. so in 2007 when she was hired at the making waves education program in richmond, she saw a good opportunity. >> in addition to academic support need a creative outlet >> so she added raw talent to
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their rigorous academic program. >> today over 100 students benefit from her weekly workshops which have now expanded to include theater, music prevention, as well as performances and field trips. >> because of raw talent i have become very active in my community. a very well-respected artist. this would not be possible without mali. >> it was about social justice and internal aspiration and creating a safe place for young people to feel like they can really sense. >> love yourself, you better know your wealth. and simply remember, just remember ... thank you. >> so for helping students find their own unique voices, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to molly raynor.
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>> that is great. we have posted an e-mail address that you can use to get more information on raw talent on just c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day is
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eggplants. a plant resigned. it is in so many different dishes. and right now the eggplant on the market is not that bad. some great quality and the prices are low. but selectivselection and storae is important. it could become better. you don't want a bigger a plant. produce should be heavy for inside but with a glance, the lighter the better. that means less seeds, less bitterness. you need to find one i sent lights. free from any shriveling and nice and bright. nice and green. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator right away. now, when you cook with them and slice them up put them into salted water and it will take away more of that bitterness. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and
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stay healthy. i had a plant my entire life. my mother made a plant ice cream. just kidding. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, it is cleanup day, the amazing five picked up along california's highways that were thrown out as trash. those stories and more at 5:00. always interesting what you find out there on the highways i guess. you never know.
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